Fungus on a log

I have been splitting some firewood for the winter.  As you might imagine, the wood is quite wet this year.  As I moved a log, I saw a little mist coming out from between the logs, just as the sun started hitting them.  I rushed to get my camera but I was too late.  Although I had my camera within a couple of minutes by the time I got back the mist was gone.  Was it water vapor or fungal spores?  I am not sure.

I did take several photographs of the bottoms of the logs, including some with the dew-covered silk line.  I did not see the animal that made the silk.

I am not sure what this is a picture of, exactly.  There is a fungus, a lichen, and a moss in it.  I do kind of like the photo, however.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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