History of the Butterfly, Part 20: The Doctor is in.

Mahaska was not the star of the show.  That title would probably go to the man they called The Medicine Man or The Doctor, Senontiya.  When the group would stop and stay somewhere, The Doctor would always disappear.  He could usually be found up on the highest part of the roof of the building they were in.  When they did their dances and gave their shows, The Doctor would be the leader, although he was often taunted by members of his own party (in their own language).

No expense was spared in entertaining the Indians as well.  They were taken to a demonstration of mesmerism.   (We call it hypnotism now.)  Not to be outdone, The Doctor mentioned that Indian medicine could accomplish the same thing.  He prepared his medicine and suited up for a patient.  He asked for volunteers.

He got no takers.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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