History of the Butterfly, Part 32: Helen’s Other Books

In the long list of books that Helen Parker wrote, three seem to be about natural history and deal with invertebrates.  Rambles after Land Shells is the only one available on line.  Frank’s Search for Sea Shells has been available in the antique book market–I would love to have it, but I have not been able to convince myself that I should part with the five hundred dollars it would take to buy it.  This book is described by the book seller as “A rare study in Conchology, tying in religious belief of God creating all the world and existence.”  The author is identified only as H.F.P., and the publisher again is the American Tract Society.

Arthur’s Aquarium seems to be unavailable anywhere.  There is a book that describes it, however. 

This book:

Has this description of it:

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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