Vote for Your Incumbent!

This year there has been great dissatisfaction with politicians.  There even seem to be a lot of outside groups campaigning with a general theme of “throw the bums out” or “don’t vote for an incumbent.”  Who are these groups, and why do they want a politician with no experience?

Some argue that the fact that someone has previously held a public office should disqualify him or her, or that the money involves taints the politician.

My skeptical mind wonders why the big money seems to be behind the inexperienced.  Could it be that those folks are more easily manipulated than the incumbents?  The puppet masters want puppets that jump when they pull the strings.  Perhaps someone who has gone through the learning curve is not so malleable.

So my default position this year will be to vote for the incumbent.  If that person or the challenger has given me a reason to vote another way I will.  But to vote against someone just because they are currently in office is just plain stupid.

I have printed off a sample ballot for my precinct.  I am in the process of checking web sites of some of the people running for the local public offices that normally don’t make the news.  I may regret my choices later, but at least I will know what the candidates say they stand for.  Even the candidate with no outside financing can put together a web site and state their positions.

So unless you have a reason not to, I urge you to vote for the incumbent politician.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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