Iowa’s Failure

The results of a survey of Iowans has recently been published on the Iowa Department of Natural Resources website.  This survey was about outdoor recreation.  The results were given a positive spin–it says that almost half of the Iowans surveyed visited a river or stream in the last year.  Some visited more than once.  The survey also broke down the reasons people visit a river or stream and the reasons they liked or did not like the experience.

The survey can be found here.

I think this is a failure, not on the part of the IDNR, but on the part of the people of Iowa.  More than half of Iowans did not visit a river or stream in the survey year?  That’s where our water comes from.  That’s where you can refresh your soul.  That’s where you can see butterflies, birds, dragonflies, frogs, and snakes.  Why do half of us miss out on that?

It is getting late in the year, but we had 70 degree weather for a while yesterday (Veteran’s Day) near a wetland along Beaver Creek.  There were several dragonflies out.  They refused to land on something photogenic, but I photographed one on the gravel road.

It seems to be Sympetrum vicinum, the Autumn meadowhawk.  If you are from Iowa (or elsewhere for that matter) and want to know about Iowa’s dragonflies and damselflies, check out the Iowa Odonata web site.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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