Photos From the Ant Mound

When I photographed the visitors to the ant mound, I thought I would see some creatures that are dependant upon the ants to live–parasites, commensals, or symbiotic organisms.  But how do you determing that?  I’m not sure I saw much of that.  For example, I saw this red mite:

I think this is just the common velvet mite that is found frequently in the soil.

Turn over any log in a damp spot and look really close and you will be likely to see this springtail.  I have seen this type on several occasions at the mound.

If it is crawling on the grass which grows out of the mound, like this sawfly larva, should that count?   The ants seemed to ignore insects in this location at times, and attack them at others.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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One Response to Photos From the Ant Mound

  1. Zahara says:

    Beautiful! You are a biologist at heart and in head.

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