A Winter Scene

Here is another photograph that I took about fifteen years ago.  I remember taking it.  Actually, I took a series of photos while I stood by the fence, along the side of the road near Oskaloosa, Iowa.  Traffic would slow down, and occasionally someone would stop and ask if I needed help.  If they had looked, they would have seen my camera and tripod.  I used medium format film and my camera was pretty big.  I also had the tripod extended about as high as I could manage it, so it should have been easy to see.

Digital photography has pretty much left film in the dust, and for good reason.  Digital cameras take very good photographs, particularly in the close-up realm where I like to go.

The thing that is lost is the experience of taking the photograph.  When I shot this photograph, I spent about 45 minutes on the side of the road, carefully watching the subtle changes in the light.  Any color you see in this photo was the result of the exposure on the film, and not any tweaking of the colors.  Towards the end of my experience I saw about a dozen deer in the distance–half a mile or more away–which were all aware of my presence. 

Digital cameras can probably equal the results of film cameras for landscapes.  However, I just can’t bring the enthusium for the experience that I could with film, so I don’t do landscapes with a digital camera.  I don’t bring a tripod and I don’t take the time that is required to get a good shot.

Film photography was a lot more fun.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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