More on Butterflies

It seems to me that we separate ourselves from nature.  We live in climate-controlled houses that protect us from heat, cold, rain, and wind.  The air in our houses is conditioned and filtered, which keeps out bugs.

Those of us who have lawns mostly have closely cropped, soft grass and maybe a few trees.  The water that lands on our lawns is routed away from our houses, mostly by underground tiles and storm sewers.  We have sidewalks so we have a firm, flat path to walk on (although we are more likely to hop in a car and drive).

So we keep out the undesirable nature.  Snakes have no place in our lives, nor do flies and wasps.

But have we thought about butterflies?  Most of us would agree that butterflies are desirable, and add a little bit of magic to our lives.  (Some of us odd folks would also argue the value of snakes, flies, and wasps). 

red admiral

Most urban environments have greatly reduced numbers of butterflies.  Eliminating the waterways and diverse plants they need to survive also eliminates the butterflies.

Have we thought about how eliminating butterflies from our lives diminishes the quality of our lives?  Does it reduce the quality of our lives by a small amount or by a great amount? 

Human life can go on without butterflies.  And it can go on without music.  And it can go on without art. 

Banded hairstreak

But isn’t life so much better with butterflies?

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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2 Responses to More on Butterflies

  1. Zahara says:

    Indeed! I love this post. So true, in our culture we separate ourselves in so many ways from nature. How much better off we’d be if we saw ourselves as more integrated, more one with all things, like the native Americans do (did?)
    Lovely photos, as always.

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