Will Terminix Control my Hula-Hoops?

There was a posting on the Iowa Insect list serve that gave a link to a web site with a sales pitch from Terminix to control dragonflies.  Turns out it wasn’t from Terminix, but it came from a company they had hired.

So I noticed that in the borders of my gmail account there were ads for stuff that had been mentioned in my email messages.   I saw ads for bed bug treatments from Terminix and for a soccer club.

This is a little social experiment.  I will send out an email with the terms “hula-hoop”, “starter cables,” “bicycle” and “moth flies” in the text, and see what kind of ads come up.

I think at the least there will be an automatically generated ad for moth fly control.

If you are on the list serve and use gmail or some other cloud computing email service, let me know if you see anything like that.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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3 Responses to Will Terminix Control my Hula-Hoops?

  1. Rich Pope says:

    Interesting experiment.. I shall try that myself.


  2. Steve Hummel says:

    Hi Harlan,
    I’m afraid that the dragonfly extermination thing was my doing. I found the link while googgling info on dragonflies in South Dakota. I put it on my facebook page and it took off. Within 18 hours the internet page was taken down. Amazing what can happen when a relatively small group of people gets fired up. It will be interesting to see what results you experiment produces.

  3. Zahara says:

    The email alerting me to this post has a little 4 line ditty in the sidebar that offers Green Pest Control, Termite Treatment, Termite Photo, and Termite Control.

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