Christmas Tree Moss

A number of years ago I became obsessed with photographing mosses and liverworts.   I visited a local woodland, looking for early wildflowers and when there were none to be found I photographed mosses instead.   The mosses are colorful in late winter and early spring.  However, once you start to notice them they become spectacular during all the seasons.

Good field guides to mosses are difficult to find, and usually rely on microscopic examination of specimens collected from the field.  I concentrated on the photography rather than the science.   As a result, I am usually not completely sure of my IDs, so if any of you know that I am wrong on these please chip in and correct me.

The moss pictured below looks like a little Christmas tree and stands about three inches high–quite large for a moss.  I think it is Climacium dendroides.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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One Response to Christmas Tree Moss

  1. Zahara says:

    Climacium dendroides, sweet! This inspires me to take my camera to the woods. Though lately I think of it more as my camera takes me to the woods, and other cool places.
    I am picturing tiny little christmas decorations on these precious little mosses. I’ve never seen this kind of moss. I bet you like lichen, too. I know I do.

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