Insects: Not Just for Antisocial Nerds Anymore

If you happen to be interested in insects you might feel kind of alone.  I have been photographing insects for a number of years and always felt like it was sort of a solitary activity.  Who else is interested in this kind of stuff?

Turns out there are a lot.  I just attended the third annual Day of Insects at Reiman Gardens in Ames.  There were just under a hundred people there, most with a fairly active interest in some aspect of insect photography or conservation. 

A number of people gave presentations.  There were talks about mantids, tiger beetles, robber flies, sunflower flies, and a host of others.  There were a few people there who do this kind of stuff for a living, and those people were going above and beyond what they would have to do for their jobs.  Most were non-entomologists with a passion for insects or nature.

It was great to see the amount of interest on the part of the group, and the passion that the presenters had for their work.

I always thought “bug people” (including myself) were kind of antisocial.  Certainly not true with this group.

We also got to tour the Reiman Gardens butterfly wing–it is not the peak season right now, but it was warm and pleasant.

I am not sure what species of butterfly this is–I did hear it called the “owl butterfly.”  It is large and beautiful.

Special thanks to Nathan and M.J. and the rest of the people who made the day a success.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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