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History of the Butterfly, Part 100: A story about Poweshiek

Poweshiek was not born a chief–he became one by default, sometime after a number of the leaders of his tribe were massacred in 1830. In The Sauks and the Black Hawk War, by Perry A. Armstrong, and published in 1887, … Continue reading

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Ants and Aphids

These ants and aphids were on a wild parsnip plant.  I don’t know the names of either.

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Tiger Beetle

Yesterday I cleaned my car (doesn’t happen very often) and had the floor mats set out on the ground.  A single six-spotted tiger beetle, Cincindela sexguttata seemed to find the substrate of the floor mat to its liking. Tiger beetles … Continue reading

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A Spittlebug

Look at the weeds around here, and you might see a bunch of bubbles that look just like someone spit. Brush the bubbles away with a stem of grass, and you may find the critter that makes them.  This is … Continue reading

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Another Fly

Everyone knows that beetles are the most common insects, right?  Well, that’s what the insect books say, anyway.  There are certainly more described species of beetles than any other insect, or any other group of animals. But I have heard … Continue reading

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Late Spring

Yesterday, shortly after 9:00 pm I sat on my deck and listened to the frogs singing–leopard frogs and gray tree frogs mostly.  The fireflies flashed in the fading twilight.  A light breeze blew. Today after work I sat on my porch.  … Continue reading

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Another Flower Fly

Here is another small hoverfly.  I think this one is Sphaerophoria contigua.

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I was wondering around our yard and a male cardinal came out and set up a line of communication. I’m pretty sure he was saying “Go away.”  He might have also said “I’m starting to get angry.” Well, if he … Continue reading

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First Butterfly Photograph of the Year

I got my first butterfly photo of the year today.  I have seen a number of butterflies so far, but didn’t get a photo until today. In order to get good photographs of butterflies you have to take a lot … Continue reading

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Peony Ants

Peony buds always seem to attract a number of ants. I think this is Formica subsericea Either there are numbers of ants or there are numbers of other insects–often flies. These peonies had a number of very colorful bluebottle flies, … Continue reading

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