Original Description(s) of the Dakota Skipper(s)

The Dakota skipper has a connection to Iowa.  I thought I would attempt to find the original description for the species because I had heard that some of the specimens of the original description were from Iowa.

The Dakota skipper was described by Henry Skinner in the journal that he edited, Entomological News.  The original description was published in 1911.

Here is the cover of the journal:

Here is the page where the description is found:

Here is a closer view of the description.

I did a little internet searching.  Turns out, there are two Dakota skippers.

The first, described here as Pamphila sassacus dacotae is what is now known as Hesperia dacotae, and is on the federal Threatened and Endangered species list.  That is the one that was described from specimens found, in part, from Grinnell, Iowa.

The second description, Pamphilia mystic pallida, is now known as Polites mystic dacotah and is also called the Dakota skipper.  It is a subspecies of the long dash that is generally lighter in color than the typical long dash.

Type specimens exist for the second Dakota skipper, and can be found here.

What are the chances the two would be described on the same page?

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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