Little Tiny Toads

Last week as I walked the gravel road near our house I saw a number of little tiny toads.  I think they were the common American toad, Bufo americanus, because that seems to be what we have around here.  However, at this size I’m not quite sure of the I.D.  They are about the size of a large cricket.

The little white or silver threads are the “cotton” from cottonwood trees.

There is another frog that can easily be mistaken for small toads.  It is the cricket frog,  Acris crepitans.  While the cricket frog looks like a small toad, technically it is a tree frog.  Cricket frogs are quite small, and they can often be found in high numbers around small bodies of water.

They have a longer snout and longer hind legs than toads.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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