The Dysfunctional Party

Occasionally I drift from the important stuff—like bugs I find in my back yard—to the trivial issues.  This time it is politics.

It seems to me that the Republican Party has become quite dysfunctional. 

On the current debt ceiling debate they are being particularly obnoxious.  The whole debate is a do-over on the budget.  The Republicans have worked the issue to their advantage and they are threatening to do long-term damage to the economy if they don’t get their way.  To reduce the deficit you either have to cut spending or raise taxes.  The Republicans have decided to not compromise on raising taxes—they won’t even agree to make depreciation on corporate jets more equitable with depreciation on commercial jets, because they define it as a “new tax.”

A compromise means you agree to a solution where you don’t get everything you want.  Usually things don’t get done without at least a little give and take. 

Sometimes it is important not to compromise.  Issues like slavery should never have been compromised.  Either you are on the right side of the issue or you are on the wrong side.

Habeas corpus should not have been compromised.  There should have never been a compromise on the state use of torture.  Republicans (and some Democrats) were for the most part on the wrong side of those issues.

Paying a little more in taxes—there should be a way to compromise on that.  Is that an absolute moral issue?  No wayIf you can’t compromise on that you have no intention of working toward solutions.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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