The Southern Spreadwing

Dragonflies belong in the order Odonata.  In that group there are two main groups, the Anisoptera or dragonflies and the Zygoptera, or damselflies.  There is actually a third small group called the Anisozygoptera and is represented by two species found in Asia.

We have a number of damselflies here in Iowa  We have 43 species of damselflies (if I got my quick count right) and 66 species of dragonflies.  There is a great reference, the Iowa Dragonflies and Damselflies web site.

Here is a spreadwing damselfly–I think it is the southern spreadwing, Lestes australis , although there are some characteristics that cannot be examined in this photo.  It is quite a beautiful creature.

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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