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A New Bug for Me

Yesterday I wandered around with my camera.  It had been rainy for most of the day, so the lichens on tree trunks were very colorful.  I looked at the lichen-covered bark and saw something move.  I couldn’t tell what it … Continue reading

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A Hazelnut Harvest

I picked a bunch of hazelnuts off of the two bushes we have in our yard the other day.  I got about a paper bag full of nuts still in the husks. Hazelnuts are a seasonal crop and you can’t find them in the stores … Continue reading

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The Same, or Different?

In July I posted an image with some flies doing a mating dance.  This was one of those photos. I did not know what it was at the time, but I posted a photo to bugguide and it was identified … Continue reading

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A Visit to the Pond

We have a pond that is in the process of drying up.  I walked around it with my camera yesterday.  The partially dried mud that surrounds the pond is littered with the remains of aquatic plants and snail shells.  Still, … Continue reading

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It’s Alive!!!

In my last post I found what I thought were the remains of some kind of a spider, parasitized by some unknown creature. I posted the picture on bugguide.  It was recognized right away as a bolas spider.   But there … Continue reading

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What’s Going on Here?

I found this on an American elm leaf.  It seems to be a spider, or what remains of one. It’s a mystery to me.

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Hanging by a Thread

I found this caterpillar hanging by a silk thread several feet below a tree. I tried to get a different angle for the photograph by blowing on the caterpillar a little.  That was a mistake, as it caused it to drop … Continue reading

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The Silver Spotted Skipper

The silver-spotted skipper is a stocky fireplug of a butterfly, bouncing around from flower to flower. They are common right now.  Both of the photographs here were taken within the last two days.  One of the things I find charming … Continue reading

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A Moth That Looks Like a …

This is called the “exposed bird dropping moth”, or Tarache aprica.  It can be differentiated from the “delightful bird dropping moth”, T. delecta, because it looks a little less delightfully like a bird dropping than delecta does. They say you are … Continue reading

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What is That Thing?

While photographing stuff on flowers sometimes you run across something that looks completely unusual.   This was on a gray-headed cone flower. This is a creature of some sort, but what is it?  It looks unlike anything else I have seen. … Continue reading

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