Some Things Can’t be Photographed

Well, maybe someone else can, but I have seen a few things where I am totally at a loss.

Here is one:

This is a dragonfly feeding swarm.  There were somewhere between one and two dozen dragonflies flying within a foot or two of the grass.  They fly fast, and there wasn’t much light.  This photograph represents the best I got, and I took more than 30 pictures.  I used the on-camera flash for this, but still did not freeze the motion.

Most of the dragonflies seemed to be the common green darner, but at least one was bright red–it may have been a meadowhawk it was identified as a wandering glider (see comments).

I ran across a little information and a place to report dragonfly swarms at The Dragonfly Swarm Project, so I reported this one.

This is an amazing sight to see.  The photos don’t do it justice.

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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8 Responses to Some Things Can’t be Photographed

  1. John Pearson says:

    There is one going on right now in my neighborhood in rural Indianola: thousands of Green Darners from ground level to treetops, zipping and darting in all directions! Wow!

  2. John Pearson says:

    A friend in Volga, Iowa also reports the same thing there

  3. jzito says:

    We saw about 50 or swarming on Monday the 15th at a friends farm outside of Mt. Vernon.

  4. Aaron Brees says:

    Harlan–Your reddish bug looks like a Wandering Glider. They often feed on the wing with darner swarms.

  5. Steve Hummel says:

    I agree with Aaron on the Wandering Glider. They are not as rusty red as the Spotwing Gliders.

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  7. mike585 says:

    Funnily enough, I was macro photographing orange dragonflies yesterday and the images will be in my next post.


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