Late Season Butterflies

I took this week off as a vacation from work.  As a result, I have been able to get out in the middle of the day to photograph butterflies.

The weather has been beautiful, although just a little bit on the windy side for butterfly photography.

I saw this mourning cloak sipping sap at our lilac bushes.  Mourning cloaks are always fun to find–they are the first butterflies which show up in the spring, and can be found all year.  In my experience, at least around here, they are not too common.

I only got one photo of this butterfly before he took off.

On the same bush I found this eastern comma.  It was bothered a couple of times by a small wasp that seemed to want to drink sap from the same wound as this one.  But it persisted and settled in for a long drink.

I took a walk along a gravel road that is adjacent to a local wetland.  There I found this bronze copper.  The butterfly was cooperative but the wind interfered with the photography.

Orange sulfurs were working the sunflowers along the road.  Although quite common, these medium to large sized butterflies can be pretty showy.

And there were skippers working the flowers as well.  The larger one in the front is a sachem, and the smaller one is a fiery skipper.

A week is not enough.  I need more vacation!


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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