Starting a Conversation: On Kinetitrophic Organisms

Organisms that create their own energy for living are called autotrophs.  Plants are examples of autotrophs.  When plants use light as a source of energy the process is called photosynthesis.

There are also chemical autotrophs, or organisms that convert the energy of inorganic chemical reactions to organic energy for their own use.  These are called chemoautotrophs

When organisms move, they convert biochemical energy into kinetic energy.  Is the reverse possible?  That is, is it possible for an organism to convert the energy of motion into biochemical energy for life’s processes?

An organism that converts the energy of motion into biochemical energy could be called kinetitrophic.  The process could be called kintetisynthesis.

Some people have speculated that kinetitrophic organisms could exist on other planets.

I think kinetitrophic organisms exist here on earth.

I think bioluminescent dinoflagellates are kinetitrophic organisms.

 More later….

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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