News About the Butterfly

Oarisma poweshiek, the Poweshiek skipper has been added to a list by the US Fish and Wildlife Service that is published annually.  It is now a “candidate” for listing as a threatened or endangered species.

This is a photo of the butterfly, taken by Frank Olsen.

The USFWS listing is about scientific consensus and conservation.   It is important to understand how rare some organisms are and to take steps to conserve them.

The Poweshiek skipper is the inspiration for this website, but it is not always apparent.  The butterfly in the”History of the Butterfly” segments is the Poweshiek skipper.

What does this butterfly have to do with J. B. Grinnell getting beaten by the metal end of Lovell Rosseau’s cane? 

Henry W. Parker’s name is on the original description of the butterfly (although I think his wife Helen actually discovered it).  Henry W. Parker was an Auburn Seminary classmate of J. B. Grinnell, and also wrote the forward to Grinnell’s autobiography.  Since Grinnell was on his deathbed when he wrote the story of his life, Henry Parker also helped finish and publish the book.

The part of Lovell Rosseau will be played by Kevin Bacon in the upcoming movie about the event.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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