High Winds and Butterflies

The Midwest of the United States had some severe storms last night, which included tornados.  The tornados hit about a hundred miles or so from here, but we did have high winds and thunderstorms.  When I looked out the window last night, we had some trees that were really swaying in the wind.

This morning a tall cottonwood tree had fallen from my neighbor’s property and partially blocked the road.

This had been a fairly old tree–maybe a hundred years old, maybe more.  When I got close to it I could see the knarled branches that were part of the canopy.  The lichens on the trunk were still wet–they have a distinctive old forest type of smell.  But when I went back to photograph them they were not quite so wet nor so colorful.

The wood of the cottonwood tree is not valued so much for its furniture value.  Instead, it is mostly made into pallets.  The bark is highly prized by woodcarvers, however, and is often carved into the faces from the tree type of carvings.

The rain stopped early this morning and when the sun came out we had hundreds of butterflies.  Most were red admirals, although we also had painted ladies, pearl crescents, a single tiger swallowtail, and an eastern tailed-blue.  There were also some day-flying moths.  We still have very strong winds, and the butterflies stick to nectaring on the dandelion flowers on the ground.  When they flew they got blown some distance by the wind.

There is power in nature.






About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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3 Responses to High Winds and Butterflies

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  2. Finn Holding says:

    Sound slike the winds really stirred things up in your patch. Lovely selection of butterflies you had.

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