Feeling Wealthy

I have been feeling kind of wealthy lately.  Maybe not in the way you are thinking, but very wealthy anyway.

Last night I sat on the deck and listened to the frogs in the pond.  We have at least five species that I can recognize by sound and three of those were out.  I watched the stars.  I watched the fireflies and a couple of bats against the night sky.

Coyotes sang to me last night.  I hear them a lot but don’t see them so much.  The dog added his voice, but he can’t really carry a tune.

Today I photographed butterflies on a raspberry bush.  They were thick.  Eight or ten species were out today.


I chased a variegated fritillary for a while.  I got a photo I like, but not the one I wanted.

The birds were out and were singing.  Red admirals danced in the sunlight.

The family is fine.  Everyone is healthy.

It is nearly summer.  Life is good.

I feel wealthy.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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2 Responses to Feeling Wealthy

  1. Finn Holding says:

    That’s the kind of wealth you can’t buy and is the most valuable of all!

  2. theresagreen says:

    I echo Finn’s words on that, a beautiful post.

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