Chasing the Blue One

Today I thought I would try to photograph a blue six-spotted tiger beetle.  I did not have any luck.  In fact I did not even see it.  I saw one yesterday.

I have photographed them in the past:

I took this photo in 2009.  I am fairly sure that this is also a six-spotted tiger beetle and not some other species because it seems to hang out with the green beetles.  Also, I photographed one that seemed intermediate between the green and the blue.

This photo that I took today of a green six-spotted tiger beetle does show some blue on the head.   In fact, at certain angles the green ones appear more bluish.  However, there usually are some that are really blue and don’t need to be seen at a particular angle to show the color.

It does not seem to be too unusual for species within the tiger beetles to have different color forms.

Oh–if you want more information, check out the link to Beetles in the Bush on the right under nature blog links.  Also you can go to and check out his section on tiger beetles.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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