Something in the Air

Many of us live in cities, surrounded by closely cropped grass, cement, and asphalt.  I am fortunate enough to live a little ways away from the city.

If you live in a good habitat for them, there might be small flies in the air at night.  We had a number tonight flying in the beams of sunlight.  There can be different species, but often these are single species groups, gathering in the sun in a lek.  They are displaying to each other for the purpose of sorting out the attractive from the unattractive prior to mating.

Most don’t bite, but they can be irritating if you are trying to do something else and are not aware of them.  They can fly up your nose, for example.  That is not so much fun.

This is really impossible to photograph–here is an attempt.

It is quite charming to see, however.   I enjoy them.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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