Bioblitzing for Dragonflies

Yesterday I was able to participate in a bioblitz that was hosted by Whiterock Conservancy.  Whiterock Conservancy is a fairly new, privately owned nature and outdoor recreation preserve in Iowa.

Because of time constraints, I was only able to participate in a small part of it.  I went on one of the dragonfly sessions.

We found about a dozen species of Odonates in two hours.  We also got distracted by birds, butterflies, and other creatures during our excursion.

It was a very enjoyable time.

Here is a  twelve-spotted skimmer, Libellula pulchella (top), and a common whitetail, Libellula lydia.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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2 Responses to Bioblitzing for Dragonflies

  1. Finn Holding says:

    That looks like a great way to spend a day, and your dragons are splendid, especially the top one.

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