Another New Butterfly

Yesterday I got some photos of another butterfly that was new to me.  Technically it wasn’t a new species though.

This is a red-spotted purple, Limenitis arthemis.  I already was familiar with and had photos of this incredibly beautiful butterfly.

This is the white admiral–same species.  We mostly have the red-spotted purple in Iowa, and the forms intergrade.  Prior to yesterday I had not seen the white admiral.

When white admirals flit around openings in the trees and chase each other in the light they will take your breath away.



About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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4 Responses to Another New Butterfly

  1. ljhlaura says:

    Those are incredibly beautiful butterflies, especially the red-spotted purple. Wow.

  2. Finn Holding says:

    These two are beauties too. We have the white admiral kin the UK too (Limenitis camilla) but it is rare. The red-spotted purple is a real stunner.

  3. theresagreen says:

    Beautiful butterflies and lovely images of them.

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