Summer is Slipping Away

My boys have started school.  One is a freshman, the other is a sophomore.  That is 9th and 10th grade for those of you who may not be familar with our system.

With the days getting shorter and my life getting busier I am sure I will lose time to photograph bugs.  Oh, we still have two or three months left, but the days are shorter now.

I am sure that I am in a minority but one of the things I hate about winter is no bugs.  No butterflies either.  You have to learn to live with the seasons.

I have shown photographs of little yellows before.  This year it is quite a common butterfly around here, but some years they can’t be found at all.

I expect to have a few more days of butterfly photography this year.  But I already feel it slipping away.  And I dred it.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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