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More Texas Butterflies

I am back home from the Texas Butterfly Festival.  I had a blast.  I have been sorting through my photos–I ended up with over eight hundred.  I photographed about 50 species–I haven’t sorted out the IDs for all of them … Continue reading

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Breakfast at Burger King

The breakfast crowd at Burger King were in for a surprise.  Two white vans parked next to the drive-through, and a dozen and a half people wearing odd-looking floppy hats got out and stood around the guamuchil tree.  Some were pointing, … Continue reading

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More from the Texas Butterfly Festival

A cold front came in yesterday so it wasn’t a good day for butterflies–at least, not until about 3:00 pm when the sun came out and it warmed up a little.  I went on a field trip boat ride on … Continue reading

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More From Texas

I haven’t had a chance to sort through all of my photos from the Texas Butterfly Festival yet, but I did get some good ones.  I am having fun, seeing lots of butterflies that are new to me and meeting … Continue reading

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It’s a Whole Nother Country

I am  at the Texas Butterfly Festival.  So far I am having a whole lot of fun.  Butterflies here are spectacular! I took over 300 photos.  At least 270 of them are not so good, but maybe some are better. Here is … Continue reading

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I Can’t Help Myself

Yesterday I had about a ten minute break from cutting firewood (I spent an hour and a half cutting the wood, and about four hours before that trying to get the chain saw started).   I was able to get a … Continue reading

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More Late Butterflies

We have had cool, rainy weather as of late, but today was sunny and even warmed up a little.  A small number of butterflies were out–we had orange sulfurs, one red admiral, and one skipper of some kind. I found … Continue reading

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The History of the Butterfly, Part 141: Happy Alaska Day

Today is “Alaska Day”, a legal holiday in the State of Alaska.  By a coincidence, some of the people involved in Alaska Day can be linked easily to the characters I have talked about in this blog. You may remember … Continue reading

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A Fungus Among Us—Taxonomy failure

The season of insect photography is coming to an end.  I am lucky to get out once or twice a week now, and soon it will be too cold for anything to be moving. Today we had a thunderstorm, however, … Continue reading

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