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More Views out the Window

I am looking forward to spring.  You may know that I have another website out there, and I have posted my “Butterfly Forecast for Central Iowa.”  Feel free to check it out.  The link is: I guess I won’t … Continue reading

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Looking out the Window

I took this picture out the window yesterday.  The light wasn’t good, but still it is unusual to see ringneck pheasants in the yard. This bird is not native to North America, yet more money and efforts have been spent on … Continue reading

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Winter Shots

I had the day off today and we had a snow storm last night.  The roads are mostly cleared off today, so I took a short road trip and tried some photos.  With the traffic around here it is not … Continue reading

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Old Iron and Lichens

I have featured an antique corn stalk cutter we have in our yard in the past, with photos of mosses that grow in its tongue.  Sunday I took some photos of the lichens that are growing on its old metal. But now the snow … Continue reading

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A Blog about a Rock

We live on the edge of the where the Des Moines Lobe of the Wisconsin Glacier reached its farthest southern extent.  You can see it in the landscape–a number of small hills show where the glacier stopped and dropped its load of rocks and gravel. This … Continue reading

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Winter Birds

I sat out on the porch yesterday and watched the birds.  I can’t get quite close enough to them to take the photos I want, but I enjoyed the experience anyway. It is still pretty cool.  We are a few … Continue reading

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Our Loss

I lost a co-worker and a friend this week. The story about what happened came out slowly over that time.  No one wants to talk about suicide.  No one wants to talk about pain. Dan was the janitor for our … Continue reading

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Spring Fever

I am tired of winter, even though we had a fairly warm day today.  I was looking at some pictures I took last year, and we are not that far off.  We did have an early spring last year, but … Continue reading

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February Photography

I wondered around and took a few photographs today.  Early February is not good for the type of photos I like to take–it is too early for flowers, there is no new snow (not that I am complaining about that), … Continue reading

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I Can’t Walk Past a Puddle

The snow is slowly melting here.  We have a brick path in our front yard, with some melt water on it.  I took a few photographs. I’m not sure I got what I wanted.  I did have fun though.      

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