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A Red-eyed Fly

I was feeling a little uninspired tonight, but I wondered around with the camera anyway.  I found this small red-eyed fly. I find flies pretty cool–I am sure that puts me in a minority within the human race.  I have … Continue reading

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Just Another Yard Moss

I took a photograph of another moss in my yard the other day.  I think it may be Physcomitrium pyriforime.      

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First Dragonfly

I saw an Anax junius for the first time this year on April 25th.  I am pretty sure this is the same one–I took the photo today. The common green darner migrates in a manner similar to the monarch.  This … Continue reading

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Visiting Old Friends

I took the day off from work today, and spent the day crawling on the forest floor taking pictures.  It was like visiting old friends. This flower is called Dutchman’s breeches. I had hoped to see some butterflies, but it … Continue reading

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Waltzing Flies

This winter, our dog Mackey discovered a dead deer (or maybe more than one) in the fields.  He brought pieces of it up to the yard.  It was pretty gross, and we tried to take these things away from him.  … Continue reading

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More Signs of Spring

We finally have some leaves popping out.  The gooseberries seem to be the first to show up. And, down in the soft dirt is a red velvet mite.  

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The Mosses are Blooming

Well, they are not blooming in the strict botanical sense.   But they are becoming quite beautiful. I posted some photos of a moss from our yard a couple of weeks ago.  The little hazelnut shell I was using as a marker … Continue reading

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I Don’t Think it was a BLEVE

I have looked at some of the photos coming back from West, Texas, and I have changed my mind from what I talked about in my previous post.  I don’t think the explosion in West, Texas was a BLEVE.  I think it … Continue reading

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About the Huge Explosion in Texas

The news is full of information about the ammonia tank that blew up in West, Texas.  I have seen the news reports, and the damage is devastating.  There does seem to be a little bit of misinformation out there though.  … Continue reading

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The Barn Burned Down

There was a small but scenic barn on the corner of highway 44 and Alice’s Road, about three miles west of Grimes, Iowa.  It burned down yesterday.  I don’t know the cause, but it will be missed. I took a … Continue reading

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