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Another Moss

This moss was located in an area where we have had some small fires of wood and a little debris.   It seems to be mostly on top of a pile of ashes. Ashes to ashes, ashes to moss.

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The Butterfly Chase

On Monday there was a very short window of time when the butterflies were out.  I saw a single black swallowtail drinking nectar from the Dame’s rocket flowers.  While I was trying to photograph it another joined in and chased … Continue reading

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Small Flies

It was a rainy Memorial Day weekend.  We did the visitations of the graves in the rain.  We had some chores we had to do in the rain as well.  Finally, after a rainy Monday morning, the clouds went away … Continue reading

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The lilacs are past their peak.  After a few days of rain, some flowers remain, but others have fallen to the ground.  

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Butterflies and Storm Water Management

Some fairly recent changes in building codes and storm water regulation present what I consider to be some pretty good opportunities for butterfly conservation. Storm water detention basins are engineered structures, designed to detain water from heavy rains for a … Continue reading

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The Eye of the Butterfly

This is a pearl crescent, Phyciodes tharos.

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First Butterfly Photo of the Year

I got my first butterfly photo of the year today.  Here it is: It was a pretty underwhelming picture of a pearl crescent.  I have not seen pearl crescents this year until today, and they seem fairly thick now.  I … Continue reading

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More Color

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Everything Gets More Colorful

I love the way the trees are getting flowers and the grass is getting greener.  Every thing is more colorful than it was a few weeks ago.  Even the bugs are more colorful. This small fly is probably a chironomid.

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Making More Buckeyes

The buckeye tree has an unusual flower arrangement.  The flowers aren’t too showy, and seem to be in a configuration that makes landing on them difficult for bees.  Yet they must have pretty good nectar and pollen rewards, because the … Continue reading

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