Monkeys with Guns and Chimpanzees with Drums

Jane Goodall studied chimpanzees in the wild.  Chimpanzees are more closely related to humans than any other animal, and their behaviors are remarkably alike.

Chimpanzees establish dominance by loud, noisy displays.  They scream and yell, throw rocks, drag branches, and generally try to look as frightening as possible.   She observed a male chimpanzee on one occasion that discovered empty kerosene cans from her camp, and used those oil cans to make loud noises, sort of like drums.  Because he could easily make more fearsome noises than the other male chimps, he soon became the alpha male.

Humans are strange furless monkeys which have developed sophisticated social aggressive displays that function in the same way as chimpanzee aggressive displays.

So when Moses said that the government could have his gun when they took it from his cold, dead hands, he was giving an aggressive display of his own.  And it was the same aggressive display that the supporters of the second amendment are trying to give.  That display is saying “You can make all the rules you want, and I may choose to follow them, but ultimately I may choose not to.”

And a large number of strange hairless monkeys have discovered our equivalent of the kerosene cans—guns.  Guns make loud noises and are fearsome.  We have a lot of movies which show the awesome power of guns.  And a lot of less than dominant hairless monkeys are trying their hardest to become the alpha male by using guns (not kerosene cans) for their monkey drums.

But what works for Moses does not work for all of us.  Moses had his lower ranking monkeys grooming him.  The joker and the autistic kid left innocents bleeding and dying on the floor.

Guns should never be used for monkey drums.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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