Chasing Bugs

I chased some bugs tonight, and looked for some I did not find.  Years past have shown the alien but pretty wildflower dame’s rocket to be a magnet for butterflies, especially small skippers.  Not so this year.  The flowers are clearly past their peak, and I have seen very few butterflies on them.

I also checked the honeysuckle bush–yesterday I saw a long-horned bee on one, but did not get a photograph.  I searched unsuccessfully for any unusual bee on the plant tonight, but did not see one.  Then, I saw a mostly black jumping spider, but it moved under a leaf before I could photograph it.

I saw some tiger beetles and attempted to get close enough to them to get meaningful photographs.  No such luck.  We have the common and widespread six-spotted tiger beetle, Cincindela sexguttata, named after the six small white spots found on most individuals.  The ones we have here lack the white spots, however.  Most are a light green color, but we have some dark-blue individuals.  I saw several green ones and one blue one, but they all flew away before I could get a good shot.

I scared up a red admiral a few times.  It would fly away, then land close to its original position after I lost interest.  I did get a couple of photos from a distance, but nothing good.

Finally, I found the jumping spider again.  I did get a few shots of it.


A lot of chasing for a couple of good photos.  Still, I had fun doing it.

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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