New Butterflies

Sunday  I saw three butterflies that were new for the season.  The first was the summer azure, a small blue butterfly that flies at tree level, rather than the low-flying eastern tailed-blue.  The other two were skippers of a color and form that is often referred to as “LBJ”s, for “Little Brown Jobs.”  It can be difficult to distinguish one of these from the next.


A musk thistle held three Delaware skippers.


The Delaware skipper is a bright orange-brown color.  Around here, it is the most common unmarked orange or brown skipper.


The least skipper, or least skipperling is also a light orange-brown color.  It has a more noticeable white belly, and is smaller than the Delaware.

The differences between these two butterflies and a handful of others are subtle but can become obvious once you know these species.

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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