A Good Year for Odonates

This has not been a good year for butterflies so far–the numbers are way down from normal years.  There is a different story for the odonates–the dragonflies and damselflies. We have good numbers and variety.


Odes can be difficult to identify, especially when they have not reached their final coloration.  This is a meadowhawk, and I think it is the cherry-faced meadowhawk, Sympetrum internum.


This is probably the northern blue, Enallagma cyathigerum.


And I think this is the slender spreadwing, Lestes rectangularis.

We have good numbers this year.  It is a good thing, too, because we have high numbers of mosquitoes as well.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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3 Responses to A Good Year for Odonates

  1. Margaret Bailey says:

    That is an incredibly beautiful photo of the cherry faced meadow hawk!

  2. Finn Holding says:

    The butterflies and the Odanata have taken a big hit here in the UK this year. But after the cold spring we have had mild wet weather and the wild flowers are thriving, so I’m hoping the insects can recover too.

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