How Do You Sneak up on a Twelve-spot Skimmer?

Photographing dragonflies can be more difficult than photographing butterflies.  Dragonflies have better eyesight and respond to the slightest motion on the part of the photographer.


This one was not too bad, but it moved several times.  Getting this close to this individual involved climbing a steep ditch, and of course some poison ivy was right in the middle of the path.


This was as close as I got–probably about three feet away, and I did have to crop this photo to show the dragonfly a little better.

From past experience I know that sometimes when you startle a dragonfly you can stand in the same position and it will come back, often landing in the same exact spot it was startled from.  That did not work for this dragonfly tonight, however.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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One Response to How Do You Sneak up on a Twelve-spot Skimmer?

  1. Nice catching a photograph so close. I don’t know if you use Photoshop Elements, but I’ve found sometimes if you crop and then resize, it shows up better.

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