The last couple of days I attended a bioblitz at Whiterock Conservancy.  A bioblitz is a social event in which participants attempt to identify as many organisms, usually within specific groups, as possible.


Here, Tom Rosburg is leading a group identifying plants.  A fairly extensive inventory of plants already exists, so he concentrated on plants that are currently blooming in the reconstructed prairie area on this hill overlooking the Middle Raccoon River.


That reconstructed prairie was quite spectacular.

Jim Durbin did a dragonfly and damselfly walk.  In spite of less than ideal weather we were able to see a number of species.


The dragonflies or damselflies could be netted fairly easily, and were examined then released.


This was a common whitetail.

It is nice to see events like this that involve people from different backgrounds all getting together to admire nature.  I enjoyed myself, and I am sure that a number of other people did as well.  I think even the experts learned a little.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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