Profanity and Insect Photography

I am generally a mild-mannered and reserved person.  I usually keep my voice down and don’t use bad language–at least not very often.  Sometimes the passion gets the best of me, though.

Last night I saw an annual cicada land on the sidewalk.  Then it just sat there.  These guys are sort of neat looking, so I ran and got my camera.  It sat there while I got on my knees then stretched out and rested my elbows on the sidewalk.  I started to focus on the insect, and then I saw a shadow move across it.  One of the cats was watching me and came down to investigate.

The cicada was startled by the shadow, and it jumped and tried to fly.  Immediately the cat pounced and made a meal of my photo subject.

I said some things that I am not proud of.  In fact, I shouted those words.

There is a little more profanity in insect photography than one would think there should be.

On another note, I did find an insect that was new to me yesterday as well–a “life” bug as the birder/butterflier crowd would call it.


This is a band-winged meadowhawk, Sympetrum semicinctum.  Not all that rare around here I’m told, but new to me.


Here it is hunting a few inches off the ground.

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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2 Responses to Profanity and Insect Photography

  1. Finn Holding says:

    Cats do that to me too!

    Nice meadowhawk, do the leaves it’s hunting over belong to a burdock plant?

    • Yes, I think so. We have a different type of burdock that grows in waste field areas and has large leaves, similar to rhubarb leaves. This one grows on the flood plains–I tried to get an ID from a wildflower book that I have. It has a pretty little yellow flower, but I think the final product of that flower is the little burr that transfers seeds by sticking to fur and clothing.

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