California Ground Squirrels (and How to Kill Them)

I check out the search engine often–not to use the search engine, but to check out the photography.  They have a new spectacular image each day, and the subjects often involve nature.

Yesterday they had a photo of two cute California Ground Squirrels.  They have links on all their photos that go to a particular search or give information about the subject.

So what information do we need to have about these cute critters?  How about how to kill them!  

california ground squirrels


I run into this with a lot of other critters.  Want to know about snails?  You might find a hundred websites about how to kill them before you find one about their biology.  Want to know about ants?  Want to know about ground beetles?

Same thing.

Nature phobia.




About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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