What I Did on My (Involuntary, Unpaid) Vacation

As an employee of the State of Iowa in a federally supported position, the government shutdown has affected me.  As of now, I am laid off for fifteen work days.  That may change, but I expect to be out money and have time off as a result of this.  It could get better, and it could get worse.

Still, others have it a lot worse than I do.  And how can you complain about having a beautiful October day off?

So I drove down to the southern part of the state, to a county park called Slip Bluff Park.


It’s a wooded area with some prairie plantings and an artificial lake.  As usual, I concentrated on the invertebrates.


Look closely to the center left and you can see how well adapted the eastern comma is to live in the woodlands.  Especially when it closes its wings.


A common buckeye basks in the sun.


And this widow skimmer, though battered and old, shows vivid colors.

Overall, a pretty good day.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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2 Responses to What I Did on My (Involuntary, Unpaid) Vacation

  1. Beautiful photos, especially the close up of the buckeye. The skimmer is just like one who visited here a few weeks back. What clarity in your photo. Am glad you found a peaceful way to spend the day. I vote for better… and soon. Take good care of yourself, WG

  2. Hope says:

    Make lemonade out of the lemons… ENJOY your time off! 🙂 Beautiful photography!

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