Counting and Chasing Butterflies

I have been doing butterfly surveys for over ten years, often over my lunch break at work.  This year I counted 24 species in the surveys.  I also chase them and photograph them.  I got photos of 35 species (all but one in Iowa) this year, and I compared the list to to the survey list.


Four species were surveyed but not photographed,  so my total documented for the year was 39.

I don’t really keep a list like birders do.  I think I saw a few other species that I did not document with one of the two methods.

Last year I spent four days in Texas and photographed about 50 species in that time, more than half of which were new to me.


Why do it?  I am not sure–I guess it is just an obsession with me.  One I am not likely to get over any time soon.

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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2 Responses to Counting and Chasing Butterflies

  1. We had pairs of yellow sulfurs flying in the garden today. A beautiful sight against the golden fall leaves. Did you have any damage from the fierce storms rolling across the country today? WG

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