Winter Thaw

I am not such a big fan of winter–it is not really a good season for macro photography.  We have had several days in a row with high temperatures below freezing.  But today it got above 50 F.  So we got a little thaw.


There was still a thin layer of ice covering this lichen.


And honeybees, fooled by the warm temperatures, flew around a little.

Winter returns tomorrow, and will probably stick around for several more weeks.



About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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2 Responses to Winter Thaw

  1. juliecache says:

    The honeybee was not confused — it was taking advantage of the warmth to take a ‘void flight.’ Honeybees ‘hold it’ and will not void in the hive for long periods of wintertime. This is how we beekeepers know if a hive is dead — if you see bees flying on warm winter days, the hive is still alive.

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