Are Iowa Republicans a Bunch of Racists?

There is a current news story about a contractor to the Iowa GOP posting a racism flow chart on the Facebook page of the party.  The chart was removed within a few minutes of it being discovered.  The story reported by the national news media was about racism in the Iowa Republican Party.

Being from Iowa, I know a lot of Republicans.  Most are good people and certainly not racists.  Racism can be hard to define, also.  Sometimes there is a fine line between humor and racism.  For example, there is this comic, posted on the GOP Facebook page:

GOP facebook

This screenshot is included as commentary.

Is this cartoon be racist?  It is suggesting that the black president would use the “race card” to blame whatever happened to him.  It is meant to be funny, but think about it.

Come on, tell me that is not racist.

So if you go to you can see the platform–there is a link on the bottom of the page.   Party platforms are a list of ideas, and the party platform does not represent what everyone believes.  Here are some of the planks of the GOP platform.  You tell me whether they are racist or not.


Birthers? Come on, how can that not be racist?


There is no culture other than “WASP”.

A certain element of the Republican party is known for beating up on aliens.


Let’s double-fence the Canadian border.

How about this one?

14th amendment

So you are citizens by the 14th Amendment, we just don’t think you really are citizens.  How many generations do you want to go back for this?  Was great grandma an illegal alien (or a native American or a non-citizen slave?)  What does that make you?

My parents were Republicans.  Many of the people in my family are Republicans.  Many of my friends are Republicans.  And I love all of you.

But I am calling you out, too.  Look who you are associating with.


Photo from the Library of Congress via Wikimedia Commons.

If you don’t speak out against them they may soon speak for you.

Clean up your act, Iowa Republicans.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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