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Silly Goose

There were a number of geese running around Camp Dodge today, and this one flew up into this tree and argued with a squirrel. The tree had a huge limb that fell down last year, shaking the ground when it … Continue reading

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More Rain

We have had rainy weather for three days now.  Today was cool and rainy all day–cool enough that Pat started the wood burner.  But I went out briefly and took some photos.  There was a light rain while I was … Continue reading

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Spring is Here, and I’m Lichen it.

We had a rainy day yesterday, although the weather was warm.  The lichens growing on tree trunks take on spectacular colors when they are saturated. The apple tree which had one bloom on Saturday had hundreds on Sunday. I love … Continue reading

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Spring Flowers

A single flower has opened on our  apple tree.  Hundreds of buds are waiting in line to do the same. The forsythia is in full bloom now, though, adding much needed color to the back yard. It was a little … Continue reading

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Finally Some Flowers

My macro photography skills are a little rusty due to the lack of practice.  Finally we have some flowers in our yard–yesterday I looked for violets and dandelions, and could find neither.  Today, several are blooming.  I got my first … Continue reading

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First Butterfly of the Year

I saw my first butterfly of the year today.  It wasn’t this one–I didn’t get a picture.  But it was a red admiral. I never get tired of red admirals.

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Why Snails are Hard to Study

I mentioned in my last post that terrestrial snails are difficult to study because of the lack of good field guides.  That is only part of the problem.  Another issue is the names.  You key out a snail from a … Continue reading

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Why Study Snails?

I recently received a copy of Land Snails and Slugs of the Pacific Northwest, by Thomas E. Burke.  I was both pleased and disappointed with it. I was pleased because finally here is a good field guide to terrestrial snails. … Continue reading

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Wild Turkeys

It has been a rainy day today, but we were treated to a couple of turkeys walking through our yard.  Turkeys were extirpated from Iowa and were gone for many decades.  Some time ago efforts were made to re-introduce them … Continue reading

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Finally, some signs of Spring

Spring has been pretty slow around here.  Finally, a sure sign that it is here has shown up though.  The first crocus of the year has shown up in our yard. They may be slow because of the deep frost … Continue reading

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