Late Spring

We are having a late spring here in Iowa.  About half a dozen people reported seeing first butterflies–mostly mourning cloaks–on March 30, which is the latest date for first reports of butterflies in the last several years.


I haven’t seen any butterflies yet this year, and this photo is actually a summer picture–mourning cloaks can be found flying all summer long.

I have taken photos of the first crocus to come up every year since 2010.  Most years that happens in March, although in 2011 it happened on April 3.  I haven’t seen any yet, and I don’t expect them to be blooming today, either.

We had an unusually cold winter with little snow cover.  Some construction workers I have talked to say the frost line went down to about six feet this year–usually it is between three and four feet here.

Spring will come, but it is slow this year.



About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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