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In a Frog’s Eye

I had a moment of opportunity this evening and tried to do a “selfie” in a frog’s eye.  Note to self–next time do not use a flash. I did get some of the grass reflected back in the eye, and … Continue reading

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Dancing Fly

A tiny fly dances at the edge of a peony leaf–an obvious visual display. I have seen this species of fly before–it is a black scavenger fly, possibly in the genus Sepsis. From the condition of its abdomen I think … Continue reading

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Ants on Peonies

I saw these ants on peony flower buds yesterday. Peonies always attract ants.  They seem to get some kind of food from the tips of the emerging petals. I think these are Formica subsericea.  

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The New Camera

I bought a new camera yesterday.  I went from shooting at 6 megapixels with the Nikon D50 to 24 megapixels with the 3200. It should allow me to take better pictures.  But right now it feels clumsy–I don’t understand all … Continue reading

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Catching the Last Rays

Red admirals are active late in the day when the weather is warm.  This one flew around rapidly, but stopped to bask in the last rays of sun for a few minutes. I see them high up in trees or … Continue reading

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Powered Flight

Great blue herons twist and bank overhead Like a Wright Brothers contraption, a few years after Kitty Hawk.

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There is a Fly in My Buttercup

This fly, a Toxomerus species, was getting some breakfast from a buttercup. Small flower, tiny fly.

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The Rabbit in the Basement

We have a rabbit living in our basement.   You see, my son was in 4-H a few years ago, and got the rabbit so he could show it in the county fair. I always found the rabbit showing events … Continue reading

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Wandering around

I went to the south part of our field today and checked in a cedar tree for juniper hairstreaks.  I didn’t see any, but I did apparently irritate a robin.  I think it was protecting a nest, but I didn’t … Continue reading

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The Elusive Juniper Hairstreak

Saturday I chased butterflies in southwest Iowa. As I posted previously, I have chased the juniper hairstreak unsuccessfully for many years, managing to see it a only a few times–counting Saturday I have seen it on four occasions, and got … Continue reading

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