A Flower from Dad

My dad converted part of his back yard to a little re-constructed prairie patch.   At the time a few people were planting prairie plants, but not many.  I did not know anyone else with a back yard prairie.  He started with a mix of seeds–several species of wild flowers, which was state of the art at that time.  Then he added seeds he collected from a number of other places–small prairie remnants scattered across Iowa.

Several decades later I planted a reconstructed prairie on a small patch of land we own. I was able to use a high quality diverse mix of local ecotype seeds (seeds collected a short distance from where I live), because by that time more people were doing it.

When the folks sold their house to enter the nursing home we thought the prairie would be destroyed, so I did a little salvage and dug up some of his plants.


I am pretty sure this came from his prairie.  I don’t think my mix had Michigan lily.

I don’t recall seeing this flower in my prairie until this year.

So now, about three years since he passed, I have this gift from Dad.

Nice gift.

About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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1 Response to A Flower from Dad

  1. A beautiful gift, indeed. What a nice way to remember and be reminded of your Dad!

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