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What Killed the Turtles?

The USGS National Wildlife Health Center has a website that lists wildlife mortality reports.  If large numbers of animals die and are reported, they are documented here. There is a report of a mortality event involving turtles–64 snapping, painted, and … Continue reading

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Might be Mites

Back near the end of October I had the occasion to split some firewood, and ran across some ants within one of the logs I split. I am not an ant expert, but I think that the species is Camponotus … Continue reading

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A Biodiversity “Big Year”

Birders have something they call a “Big Year.”  As I understand the concept, a birder sets a challenge to him or herself, to identify as many birds as they can within a particular geographical area within a year.  Sometimes they … Continue reading

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Unfinished Projects

I have a lot of unfinished projects–I work very hard on a particular project for a while, then I have a tendency to neglect that project while I occupy my mind with something else. I have done some work with … Continue reading

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Three Habitats

This summer, I was able to attend a bioblitz at the Whiterock Conservancy near Coon Rapids, Iowa. On one of the field trips we saw three types of habitat typical to Iowa.  We traveled through the first two to find … Continue reading

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