Seventh Annual Day of Insects–A Huge Success

If I was to rank all of the events I go to every year, the one that gives me the most pleasure is not a concert, not any kind of athletic event, not a party, not a reunion, and not a local celebration.

The event I enjoy the most is an event hosted by Rieman Gardens in Ames, Iowa, and it is called Day of Insects.



It is a day-long event (actually, now there is a get-together before the event, so it is sort of a day and a half), with enthusiasts giving short talks about some of the things they have been doing.  These people are involved with conservation, identification of rare insects, or just general exploration.    There were 110 or so people in attendance, all with some deep passion for conservation of the small stuff.


It was topped off by a short visit to the butterfly wing, where there are a lot of colorful non-native butterflies.


This ragged individual was there.  It still has the color though.


About the roused bear

Nature photographer from central Iowa.
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